From the recording 100% Dj PREMIER vol.3

2.SMILEY THE GHETTO CHILD'The wake up call'
3.SMILEY THE GHETTO CHILD Featuring WHYTEAM'Werdz from the ghetto child'
4.RASS KASS 'Golden child'
5.PITCH BLACK 'It's all real'
6.AFU-RA 'Lyrical Monster'
7.AFU-RA Feat GURU 'Blvd'
8.JUST-ICE Feat BIG DADDY KANE 'Just rhymin' with KANE'
9.JUST-ICE 'Gangsta's don't cry'
10.NON PHIXION 'Rockstar'
11.THE MARXMEN a.k.a MOP Feat MONOTOF 'Bloody murdah'
12.TRUCK TURNER 'Who am I'
13.RAH DIGGA 'Lessons of today'
14.CRAIG G 'Ready set begin'
15.BLAQ POET 'We gon ill'
16.COMMON '6th sense'
17.JAZ-O and THE IMMOBILARIE 'Love is gone'
18.PITCH BLACK Feat FOXY BROWN 'Got it Locked'
19.CHI ALI 'No retreat, no surender'
20.J ROCK 'Drug dealer'
21.COOKIE CREW 'A word to the conscious'
22.BAHAMADIA 'The hard way'
23.BAHAMADIA 'Rugged ruff'
24.DA KING AND I 'Flip da script'
25.HEAVY D 'Here comes the heavsta'
26.KRS ONE 'I can't wake up'
27.MOP 'Downtown swinga'
28.CHUBB ROCK, O.C, JERU THE DAMAJA'Return of the crooklyn dodgers'
29.BLAQ POET 'A message from POET'
30.KRS ONE 'mc's act like they don't know'
31.KRS ONE 'Outta Here'
32.RAWCOTIC 'Hardcore Hip Hop'
33.LINA Feat GANGSTARR 'It's alright remix'
34.GANGSTARR Feat BOY BIG 'Nice girl, wrong place'